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Lyrics Sailboats - Sky Sailing
Sailboats wish that they were stars,
Floating sofly in the sky,
Among the spheres that bid goodbye.
Moving through transparrent seas,
Drifting through the stratosphere,
And onward till they dissapear.

The contiments from overhead,
Look like tiny paper shapes,
Intricately set in place.
Below the airplanes and the clouds,
Theres a lovely silver bay,
Where sailors often hide away.

An airplane carried me to bed,
Where i slept above the coast,
And dreamt i had become a ghost.
I sailed above the mountain peaks,
Deep in underwater caves,
And somehow i walked on the waves.

Scubadiver on the rock,
Speedboat driver in the dock,
Sailing pilot in the blue,
Take me up there with you.
Ocean frater,
And a bathtub full of salt.

I was walking through the trees,
I was sailing through the seas,
I was falling through the air,
When it hit me right there,
The seagulldosent even care about the news.
Do parks get lonely in the night?
When the side walks fill with lights,
And joggers taste the evening breeze.

And freeways,
And street lights,
And painted pavements.
And on ramps,
And road signs on the trail.
And skyways,
And railroads,
And heavy traffic.
And resturants,
And subways in the air.
And habours,
And islands,
And white sand beaches.
And sunsets,
Where ocean meets the sky.

Traveling car on the run,
Fly the jet to the sun,
Bring the spaceship in soon,
While i play golf on the moon,
My eyes are tired,
And i fall asleep.

Once in 1964,
(Sailboats wish that they were stars)
An actress ran on the shores,
(Sailboats wish that they were stars)
Dancing slow and in turn,
I love you audrey hepburn,
Steal your statue back and we'll fall in love...
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Sailboats - Sky Sailing Sailboats - Sky Sailing
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