I've come back :) Let's enjoy English

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Hi guys!
I'm DB (It means Diamond-Breaker in my acc )
I've left 2T for one year in order to prepare for my Univesity Entrance Exam. Things were done, so I came back here (wait for this day for a long time )
Well well... Enough introduction. Now I'm saying my intention.

You know! English is very plentiful. It contains not only writing, reading, understanding...but also speaking and listening. These two problems (speaking and listening), in my opinion, are the most important skills of English becuz we have to use it everyday (of course, if you use English in your life for living ).
There used to be 1 or 2 English Speaking Club in 2T (I cannot remember exactly cuz it've been a long time ). When we join these clubs, we can practise Speaking and Listening Skills (Sounds good, huh? ). Of course we can type and read as well
After about 30 mins "going around" in our Club, I think... It's time we made it. Let's start this again. Shall we?
Wellcome to English Speaking Club.
We're here to enjoy our interest (and it's okey if it's only for your work ^^)
As I said before, here is where we talk together, and improve our skills in English
You want to join, but you're afraid that you're weak in this field?
Don't worry, be happy! Free yourselves! If you can speak, you're strong
We'll help each others! And of course there will be no discrimination.
There will be some topics. And we'll discuss them one by one. Give your ideas, and then have a better outlook of it with other members
We can use Skype, or Y!M as well. But I think Skype is much better
The time... I think it's not a real problem becuz it's summer time, right? But acording to me, the Club should be held in the evening
After every discussion, there will be a topic in 2T to summarize what we will have done. You can say your feelings about this club, give the way to make it better, or... something else

So... now, please, let me know if you wanna have funs with English
Leave your comment below, so I can know something if this club can start or not
P/s: Right! If you're reading this, please tell your friends and other members of 2T or...somewhere in the Earth (especially Mod, Zone-Mod, .... advertise this for me, pleaseeeeee. I know you want to make 2T an active and effective forum, right? )
Hope to seeya soon. Remember, don't ignore this theard

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Long time no see you, DM

I'm interested in the idea above. So I'm here to be the first person who take part in your club

Plz tell me more information if the projest could be start

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Ok i'll join. I was about to post a topic like this but then i just saw urs.. Hope there will be a lot more people who loves Engl gonna come. If we will contact each other via Skype that would be awsome

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Just wait! When I see it's time, we can start it Would you mind sharing this theard to your friends, plz

@Hoailinh91: Yeah! That's good. Do you wanna join?

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I said it. I will prepare some topics. And of course, I'll give them to you guys. The topics are the problems in our life, or something...."easy" to discuss. I mean... there are many ways to see it from different viewpoints

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Sau khi thảo luận thì có thể dịch sang tiếng Việt được không? Nhiều chỗ tiếng Anh mình đọc không hiểu?

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Sau bao nhiêu ngày lưu lạc ở nơi nào đó (để bảo hành) thì cuối cùng cái Lap đã về đến nhà. Cái Moderm Router cũng mới sửa được Cuộc đời thật là phũ.
Và ko dừng lại ở đó, sắp tới phải đi học lấy bằng lái xe máy, chuẩn bị đi nhập học (dù chưa có giấy báo) và một số chuyện gia đình nữa. Haiz. Kiểu này chắc ốm quá
Kiểu này có khi phải treo Theard này lên rồi khi nào sắp xếp xong toàn bộ rồi ms triển khai được quá. Hic. Có Mod nào cho e ý kiến được ko E cũng chưa biết phải làm sao nữa

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Hi DM, ur idea's great and I really wanna join u guys.
Have u started it yet?

I think, if we dun have so many members, just start speaking w/ some first. Also, skype is such a best place for us.

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